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Reincarnation: TCOU, Medals Guide - Walktrough

2010-08-09 23:55:12 by gerardus93

Reincarnation: The Clergy of Unholy or TCOU is the next Mini in the Reincarnation series that takes place in a church on your quest to find Saul who has escaped from hell.
# This game has been described in only three Medal. 1 and 2 that the secret is locked. but I got surprisinglyI get 5 Medals
This game Awesome !

1. you see, when you playing... you can see a Cross in the middle. then in the right way you see a mini stairs.. then you have to click the right of that mini stairs... Grab a thing... (Just like a bell )

2. Then you move back

3. you see the center of the Church... then you have to do is clik the Purple curtain, in the left... just clik the second one. when it open, just clik an object under the curtain... then you find a small key..

4. Click the first thing that you have possess.. then.. click Burning candle... the left one and the right one. then a fat man, will come and turn the light on again. when he stop to turn the light... al you have to do is grab a key in his back pocket....

5. when you got that key, just turn off the burning candle again. right and left again... and then the medal will appear.

6. go Back

7. Click Leftmost door

8. Click a Giant bell, click a blob robe, and then click a thing in the right one..
Before you back, just click the medalion in your inventory

9. Go back.

10. Click the small key in your inventory, clik the righmost door... click it

11. click the Golden key, then click the middle door. in it

12. You see Bookcase, then under of that you see gray adhesive. Click it

13. Click the Golden Ball in the table. then click a Picture in the right one. and the medal will appear.
then click the Holy bible up to it

14. Go back

15. Click the rightmost door. then the locked key will appear. Just set it 666 (hahahahaa.... Just for FUN) then accidentally the medal is appear... hahahahaa.....

16. Just set 198 and bring the Medallion to the Golden cross in that locked/

17. then open the door. all you have to do is click the Green beer, and a towel in the left screen.

18. Click the green beer and then brings it to the Demon. hahahaa... The medal is appear

19. Go back

20. Clik the item number 3 to number 1. then click the item number 2 to number 7

21. Go back

22. Click the item number 6 to 4. Go back to the center of the Church

23. Brings the Green beer to the Golden cup in the middle of white table.
then the fat man will appear and drink it

24. Go back and click the leftmost door

25. Click the item number 7 and click it to the Giant bell... Ring it !

26. then click the fat Man.... then.. he Die

I think thats all. Thank You.. and

Good Luck (>_<)V

Reincarnation: TCOU, Medals Guide - Walktrough


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2010-08-10 08:59:33

damn, you`re Good. Thanks

gerardus93 responds:

Thanks again man :D


2010-08-28 11:18:37

^ @todongx Nope, you're just bad.